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Peter Gallagher on Conan!

Peter on ConanOn Thursday, September 30, 1999 Peter Gallagher was a guest on the Conan O'Brien show. The following is the excerpt from the interview:

(When Peter comes out on stage, Brooke Shields has already been interviewed and is sitting off to one side.)

Peter: We have got a lot of eyebrows on the show today; Can you imagine if we had kids?

Conan: It would be just one eyebrow.

P: The consequences could be tragic - pick up your eyebrow - stop tripping over your eyebrow.

C: Are your kids asking the tough questions yet?

P: (kidding) No, they are, they are not. They are 6 and 9 and yes, they are. The other day my wife walked in - my son had a friend over (this friend had an older brother who must have told him this) and the 2 boys were calling a 900 number. So my wife thinks to herself - all right - you can't freak out you just say 'Hang up the Phone.'

Later after the friend left she asked our son - Do you know what sex is? And he said - Oh yea, Mom. Then she said - Do you have any questions - anything you might want to know about. You ought to get it straight - get the right information. She said that she probably knew a little more than his friend.

The son asks - ok, mom, what is 69?

My wife's chin just hit the floor. She said - Well, Well....What do you think it is?

And my son proceeds to describe in fairly accurate detail the event. My wife was shocked and my son said - "But Mom you wouldn't do anything like that, would you?" She said I don't think we should be talking about me. And my son just looked at her and said...nah...nah.

C: Are your kids aware of what you do for a living? Do they see your movies...I guess they would be too young

P: I don't think they have ever seen a movie but their friends may have....

C: Friends, what kind of friends do these kids have....

P: Well, it is the bus ride to school...they learn everything on the bus....

P: (another story) I was on the road and called home. There was this movie that I had made that was came on television...a romantic movie. When I called home, my daughter, who was 5 at the time, said 'hello'. I said "Hi, sweetie, it's daddy."

She said 'hello' again and I asked how she was. She said I saw you on television. I asked her what I was doing and she said 'something inappropriate'.

First time she had ever said that word...she was 5 years she is 6. Then I remembered what movie it was and I asked her - was Daddy kissing somebody who wasn't Mommy? And she said - yes. Then I said - what a silly job for a Daddy to have. And she just said - yes, here's Mom.

She never told my wife - she protected her from the information - it was just between me and her and about 50,000 other people.

C: Peter is working on a project with Pete Townsend - of Who fame. You are working on a Broadway project?

P: Yes, Pete wrote an album called 'Psycho Derelict' . He had always intended to make a show of this and so what we are doing now is the first step in the workshop of that. We are learning the music and then Pete comes in on Saturdays and we go into the studio and we sing and record it. Hopefully in about a year's time, we will have a show we can do on Broadway.

C: Are you doing any of the Who Classics?

P: We are doing 'Barbara O'Reilly' and I am singing English Boy Outlived the Dinosaur....Now and Then.

C: Can we hear the Peter Gallagher Broadway treatment of "BarbaraO'Reilly"?

P: Only if you sing it with me. ( must be the stock answer when someone asks him to sing and he is not prepared)

P: I could not do that to Pete or the Who (then Conan sings a little of something and then Peter does a little falsetto of something...then Peter says) No, that is not how I do it.

C: American Beauty has gotten rave reviews. Can you intro the clip we are about to see?

P: Yes, it has. This clip..It's a....It's a...I think it is Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning are married and Kevin has sorta rejected the notion of success and is revisiting his adolesence. He is working at something like a 'burger king' . Annette still is very ambitious and wants to succeed. She's a small town realtor. I play Buddy Kane (King) - the King of Realtors. I' m wearing Cary Grant's wig (his hair is streaked very grey but not really CG's wig). We are having an affair. Annette and I are driving through the burger joint and we do not expect to see him there. This clip is what happens when we drive through to order.

C: ' House on Haunted Hill' will open on Halloween weekend.

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