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Here's an interesting web site. The Hollywood Stock Exchange.

According to the site, "The Hollywood Stock Exchange is an entertainment web destination where you can buy and sell virtual stocks in movies, celebrities, musical artists and more. You can trade these hot entertainment commodities for FREE, build your portfolio, check out the latest news, chat with your fellow entertainment buffs, win daily prizes and more!

According to the IMDB, Peter is going to be in a new movie, coming out in 2000, called The Last Debate. Starring James Garner, Donna Murphy (Lately of Center Stage) and also Audra MacDonald (Annie). The IMDB listing says it's filming as of 6/21/2000.

Stay tuned for more info!

Mother's Boys

Now available Mother's Boys Photo Gallery!

Peter plays a pretty good straight foil for the evil villain Jamie Lee Curtis in this pretty good thriller.

Peter as Robert
The Idolmaker

Now available The Idolmaker Photo Gallery!

This was one of Peter's first movies and boy is he young! And interestingly enough, one of the few movies to utilize Peter's great singing talent.

It's too bad that they never did an updated movie version of Guys and Dolls starring Peter, of course, as Sky Masterson. He was so great as Sky on Broadway.

Peter as Caesare
The Underneath

Now available The Underneath Photo Gallery!

In this movie, Peter once again works with director Steven Soderbergh who of course was the director of sex, lies, and videotape. Robert Altman has been quoted as saying. "He's so damn good-looking, it makes you sick."

Just jealousy!

Peter as Michael Chambers

sex, lies, and videotapeCheck out the all-new sex, lies, and videotape Photo Gallery!

I must admit, this was the movie where I first discovered Peter. He was so great in it! And it was really a good movie, to boot. I always thought it so unfair that the other actors in this flick were more recognized for their talent than Peter. Just because Peter had this rather unsympathetic role.

But he really did a wonderful job with it. Even Director Steven Soderbergh has commented that Peter took what he'd written as a rather thankless, one-dimensional role and invested life and emotion into it.

American BeautyThe American Beauty DVD release has been announced! The American Beauty 'Awards Edition' DVD will be released on October 24, 2000 including both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS, commentary with Sam Mendes and Alan Ball, storyboards with commentary, and a 'Making of' featurette. Unfortunately the highly anticipated deleted scenes will NOT be on the American Beauty 'Awards Edition' DVD - Director Sam Mendes decided that the scenes would dramatically change the way people perceive the film and so decided to exclude them.

Pick up the DVD at for 40% off! It's already on my pre-order list.

While You Were SleepingCheck out the all-new While You Were Sleeping Photo Gallery!

I do like this movie, although, once *again* Peter is hospitalized for some of the movie. That seems to happen a lot.

Send comments to the Peter Info Center. Or join the Peter Gallagher Mailing List and we'll discuss it there!

Coming Soon, photos from many of Peter's other movies so stay tuned!

Peter has been filming a new movie Perfume that just completed filming. The film is still searching for a distributor, but hopefully someone will pick it up and it should be released in 2001. Check out the Upcoming section for more details!

Here's some hot news! From a well-informed member of the Peter Gallagher Discussion list we've discovered that Peter's middle name is Killian. Old Irish name that runs in the family. Thanks, Fred!

And if you're not a member of the list, you're really missing out. Join Now!

Cupid & Cate Hallmark Hall of Fame

Cupid & Cate available on Video!

Hey, all of you Peter fans, in case you missed this show when it aired on TV last weekend, it's now available on VHS tape! You can purchase it at your local Hallmark store for $14.98.

The tape features not only the show, but also a featurette entitled "The Making of 'Cupid & Cate' Mary-Louise Parker and Peter Gallagher are interviewed on location in Washington D.C. and share their insights on the making of this touching story of family and romance."

My only beef is that it's not available on DVD :-)

Peter's Stage section has been updated. Check out all of the plays that he's been in.

Join the new Peter Gallagher discussion list.

Check out the new Peter Gallagher Message Board. Set up by Stephanie, this is a great place to exchange news and other information about our favorite actor. We'll see you there!

The Idolmaker is now available on DVD! You can buy the DVD at or else pick up the VHS tape at for very reasonable prices.

Peter's new movie Center Stage opened May 12. Check out the official site for complete information about the movie!

Peter's latest TV offering, Cupid & Cate, aired on the Hallmark Hall of Fame on May 7 on CBS.

I did receive an email from someone who said he worked as an extra on this show. He wrote,

"I just have to say that Peter Gallagher was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was extremely nice, and very approachable. I have gained so much respect for him since this experience. He truly is great!"

Great to hear!

Last Updated Thursday, May 9, 2002

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