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Peter in the Gap AdAnd now, what you've all been waiting for ... Peter as featured in the Gap Ad!

This ad ran in the Chigago Tribune Magazine in the June 2, 1996 edition. Thanks to Christina for saving it and not sending it off to recycling heaven.

My Scanner did cut off the 'P' in 'GAP' but Peter is all there. Click on the photo for a larger version.

Thanks, Christina!

The following Photo Galleries are now Available!


Peter as Jack Dolan
Cupid & Cate

Cupid & Cate

Peter as Harry
The Man Who Knew Too Little

The Man Who Knew Too Little

Peter as James Ritchie
Watch It

Watch It

Peter as John
White Mile

White Mile

Peter as Jack Robbins


Peter as Wynn Park
Caine Mutiny Court Martial

The Caine Mutiny Court Martial

Peter as Lt. Cdr. John Challee
Last Dance

Last Dance

Peter as John Hayes
My Little Girl

My Little Girl

Peter as Kai


Peter as Dennis Riley
The Hudsucker Proxy

Hudsucker Proxy

Peter as Vic Teneta
Late for Dinner

Late For Dinner

Peter as Bob Freeman

Long Day's Journey Into Night

Now available Long Day's Journey Into Night Photo Gallery!

This was a play originally on Broadway that was then made into a TV presentation.

Powerful performances from not only Peter, but Kevin Spacey and Jack Lemmon, as well.

Peter as Edmund Tyrone

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Last Updated Thursday, May 9, 2002

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