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Murder of Mary Phagan

Check out the Murder of Mary Phagan Photo Gallery

Peter as Leo Frank

Here is the cover to a TV Week that featured Peter in the TV Drama Love and Lies. This one I've never even seen on video, I wonder if it was even ever released? Would sure be nice.

Click here or on the photo at left to see a larger version.

In today's New York newspapers (10/1), they're advertising My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs, the one-time only Broadway show on October 16, 2000 in which Peter will be one of the featured stars. At the bottom of the ad, it says "Performance will be taped for PBS broadcast."

Good news! We can hopefully see it broadcast and then eventually on the Video or DVD!

Here's some more news clippings about Peter garnered from various publications. Be sure to check out Series 1 and Series 2 while you're out there!

Check out Fred's new review of Skag.

Reviews of any of Peter's works are encouraged! If you have a review that you'd like to submit, please send them to the Peter Information Center!

People Magazine reports that Peter broke some ribs recently in a fall from a horse. Peter, hope you're feeling better soon!

Now, even more news clippings of Peter from various sources. (Thanks, Fred!)

Check out these new Candid Photos of Peter.

Another section has been added to the Press Room. This new section will feature Movie, TV, and Stage reviews of Peter's work as contributed by you!

There's only one there as of yet, Fred's review of Peter's TV presentation The Big Knife. If you want to write a review of one of Peter's works, please send it to

There's a new addition to the site! Called Press Room. It contains Peter news from the media.

Currently featured are some newspaper clippings (Fred, thanks again!) and some magazine articles (thanks to Fred, Christina, and the local library)

Some interesting stuff. Check out the Cosmo article that mentioned that Peter lost the role of Demi Moore's husband, in Mortal Thoughts. But only because Peter had expressed doubts, about the artistic validity of the role. (I'd always wondered why I bought that LD, maybe I thought he was in it ...) Peter was right.

Check out the Press Room!

Liz Smith reported in her column in the NY Post on September 10, 2000 that Peter will be one of many stars scheduled to appear Oct. 16 for a Broadway review called My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs.

The full text reads:

"BROADWAY BABIES: If you loved "The Leading Ladies" (Live, Video and CD) you will love yet another grand event coming to Broadway on Oct. 16 at City Center. The news is that Barry Manilow is now set, Michael Crawford is flying in from England. Julie Andrews is whizzing in from a Disney film in L.A. Chita Rivera will just finish her smash engagement in "Anything Goes" at the Paper Mill Playhouse. They will join Linda Eder, Peter Gallagher, Heather Headley, Jennifer Holliday, Rebecca Luker, Marin Mazzie, Bebe Neuwirth, Adam Pascal, Brent Spiner, Patrick Stewart and many more for Target's "My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs." It's one night only and tickets go on sale tomorrow, Monday. ... "

If you live in the New York area, check it out! (Thanks for the tip, Fred!)

Peter has been cast in a new Showtime Mini-series entitled Feast of All Saints. He plays the role of Philippe Ferronaire. Check out the Upcoming section of the site for more details!

Check out more news in the Peter News Archives

Last Updated Thursday, May 9, 2002

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