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Wondering whatever happened to Feast of all Saints? Well, the Anne Rice web site reports:

"The mini-series of FEAST OF ALL SAINTS will be shown on SHOWTIME in November and it is positively smashing. I am overwhelmed. I feel that you guys are going to love it. The acting is superb. The script is brilliant. The whole thing is truly, no pun intended, a feast."

The IMDB is listing yet another production that Peter is attached to, a film called The Sweet Spot, which is currently in pre-production. Set for a projected U.S. release date of June 6, 2002, the film also stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

No details as to what the film may be about or much of any other information, other than the character that Peter plays is named Harry. Stay tuned for more info.

The IMDB reports that Peter appeared in a United Kingdom movie called Lunar Girl. Not much is really revealed about this movie except that it comes from first-time director Janis Sharp and that the UK premiere was May 8, 2001, with a general release in the UK on June 8, 2001.

No information is given if this movie will be released in the US or other worldwide markets.

The play Noises Off will be revived on Broadway beginning November 1, starring Peter along with Patti LuPone and Faith Prince. You NYC fans sure are lucky!

Deeds Alert!

Peter Fan, Fran reports that "Deeds was filmed on location in New Milford, CT from May 30th until June 12th. And also starring in the movie was Peter Dante."

And Anna Slaughter, also from New Milford reports "The new movie Deeds has all of its small town scenes in a small little town called New Milford, Connecticut. This serves as the home of Adam Sandler's character, as well as Peter Gallagher since he's been hanging around our town for shoots as well. The fictional name of this town is Mandrake Falls, New Hampshire."

Thanks for the updates Fran and Anna!

I'm not sure whatever happened to The Feast of All Saints, but here is an interview with Peter on the Showtime site, called Peter Gallagher: Actor and Survivor that appears to have been done while filming was still going on.

DVDLooking for that hard-to-find Peter flick? A new Videos section has been added to the site where you can check for the availability of Peter's Film and TV productions on DVD and VHS.

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Homicide: Life on the Streets

Check out the Photo Gallery from the Closet Cases episode of Homicide: Life on the Streets in which Peter was the guest star. I have also added this listing to Peter's Television section.

I had never watched this series, it was actually pretty good.

Peter as Chris Rawls

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I'll Be Home for Christmas

All New! The I'll Be Home For Christmas Photo Gallery.

Peter as Aron Caplin
The Last Debate

Check it out. The Last Debate Photo Gallery

Peter as Tom Chapman
Mrs. Parker

This was a small role, but check out the Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle Photo Gallery.

Peter in Mrs. Parker

The Australian site BScene reports that Peter's movie, Protection, is going to be released on September, 12, 2001. Whether this means that it's going to be released in Australia on September 12, or what it means, who knows. But stay tuned.

Peter has begun filming the new Adam Sandler comedy Deeds. Filming began in late March with an expected release date of June 21st, 2002. Check the Upcoming section for complete details.

My Favorite Broadway

Check this out! The My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs Photo Gallery

I was a little disappointed that Peter didn't perform more numbers, but what's there is great!


Updated! The Malice Photo Gallery

Peter as Dennis Riley

The Brotherhood of Murder is now available on DVD! Buy it at