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by: Fred

Peter as John Skagska

Having just seen this film for the first time I couldn't resist sending in a review. A longer than average made for t.v. film, Skag is well worth viewing. The entire cast is really excellent. Karl Malden is fiesty and sympathetic in the title role. Piper Laurie is sincere and beautiful as his devoted second wife.

Peter has a more or less thankless role as the son who is spoiled and selfish when his father suffers a stroke and needs him. This was one of Peters earliest roles and probably his first as a not too likeable character. His screen time is minimal but he makes the most of his part and puts alot of energy into it.

I found the ending a bit too unrealistic and unfair to those who do suffer serious strokes, but otherwise it is engrossing, honest and well acted and you just know Peter would go on to bigger and better roles.

Last Updated Saturday, May 12, 2001

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