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Peter Gallagher

Peter on Stage!

Peter's has had some interesting projects on Broadway. On the stage is where he began his career and seems to be where he returns between film and TV projects. And with his great singing voice, he's a natural for the many musicals that he's starred in.

I for one would certainly have loved to see him play Sky Masterson in Guys & Dolls. Or any of these other plays, for that matter! Although, I do have Long Days Journey Into Night on Laser Disc and it's pretty good.

Noises Off (2001-2002)

Plays: Lloyd Dallas

Patti Lupone and Peter Gallagher star in Michael Frayn's landmark comedy, Noises Off. The play follows the on- and off-stage antics of a touring company as they fumble from dress rehearsal to disastrous last night of their production of the sex comedy, Nothing On. Everything that can go wrong does, as the cast desperately tries to hang on to their lines, their performances and the furniture, resulting in a hilarious descent into chaos. Jeremy Sams directs.

Pal Joey

Pal Joey (1995)

Plays: Joey Evans

Plot Summary: Based on a series of short stories John O'Hara had written for THE NEW YORKER about Joey Evans, a small-time, fast-talking Chicago entertainer, Pal Joey introduces us to the young cad as he weasles his way into an emcee job at a second-rate nightclub on the south side. The gig doesn't last long, however. When he doesn't respond appropriately to the flirtations of Mrs. Vera Prentiss Simpson, an influential patron of the club, Joey finds himself back on the street. Vera, however, still has her eye on the smooth-talking young man, and when he shows a little interest, she decides to buy him his own club! Soon, all the gang from the old club has migrated to the new one, and everyone is busy preparing for opening night. But some of Joey's old pals are jealous of his good fortune, and when they decide to blackmail Vera over the affair with Joey, everything is bound to come crashing down.

Check out the Pal Joey Photo Gallery

Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls (1992)

Plays: Sky Masterson

Plot Summary: Based on Damon Runyon's short story "The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown," Guys and Dolls revolves around Nathan Detroit, the organizer of the oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York, who bets fellow gambler Sky Masterson that he can't make the next girl he sees fall in love with him. The next girl he sees happens to be Miss Sarah Brown, a pure-at-heart Salvation Army-type reformer, and the stage is set for an hilarious evening of complications.

Peter was nominated for a Tony award for his portrayal of Sky Masterson. Cjeck out my Guys and Dolls Photo Gallery

Centennial Tribute to Eugene O'Neill (1988)


  • the Yank in Bound East from Cardiff
  • Eben Cabot in Desire Under the Elms
  • Sam Evans in Strange Interlude
  • Edmund in Long Days Journey Into Night
  • Young Eugene O'Neill.
Long Day's Journey Intoo Night

Long Days Journey Into Night (1986)

Plays: Edmund Tyrone.

Plot Summary: Academy Award winner Jack Lemmon stars with film and stage veterans Bethel Leslie, Kevin Spacey, and Peter Gallagher in Jonathan Miller's highly controversial Broadway production of Eugene O'Neill's riveting and masterful autobiographical play.

In one of the most powerful plays you'll ever see, O'Neill depicts a chilling portrait of his family–four people blaming themselves and each other for past mistakes and present realities. Jack Lemmon is the patriarch, James Tyrone, who, through his selfish and uncompromising ways, has reduced his family to physical and spiritual ruin. This is the story of one day in their complex and sordid lives, and the impending night that will offer no escape.

Pride and Prejuduce (1985-86)

Plays: Mr. Darcy

The Real Thing

The Real Thing (1984)

Plays: Billy

Plot Summary: THE REAL THING is about marriage and writing, emotional fidelity and intellectual integrity, high art and pop culture, and truth and acting, both on-stage and in real life. The play centers on Henry, a successful writer attempting to balance his professional and personal life and finding the two blurring together more often than not. In shifting perspectives, couples in THE REAL THING flounder and reform. Joy and passion are acutely countered by pain and deception. "You want to give it time" says Annie to Henry, her married lover, "Time to go wrong, change, spoil. Then you know it wasn't the real thing."

Another Country (1983)

Plays: Guy Bennett

Plot Summary: The story of Guy Bennett, an upper-class English boy in his penultimate year at a public school. His dearest ambition is to be elected to the “Gods”--the school’s ruling elite--for his final year. He sees this as the crucial first step on the ladder of success that will later lead to the diplomatic service and, ultimately, the ambassadorship to France and a host of national honors.

The Corn Is Green (1983)

Plays: Morgan Evans

Plot Summary: The story, part autobiographical, of the young Welsh miner who escapes to Oxford University with the backing of his doughty tutor.

A Doll's Life (1982)

Plays: Gallagher won a Theatre World Award in the Harold Prince production.


Grease (1978)

Plays: Danny Zuko

Plot Summary: Originally staged as a five-hour amateur production in a Chicago trolley barn, Grease took a satirical look at the dress, manners, morals, and music of teenagers at the beginning of the rock and roll era. The plot revolves primarily around the attraction between greaser Danny Zuko and the virtuous Sandy Dumbrowski. The show spawned such musical hits as "Summer Nights," "Greased Lightning," and "Beauty School Dropout."


Hair (1977)

Plays: Claude

Plot Summary: This 1960s musical--which grew out of the emotional turmoil of the Vietnam War years--celebrates the lifestyle of hippies and flower children who welcomed the dawning of the Age of Aquarius by opposing the draft, the work ethic, and accepted standards of behavior and dress.

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